We like this one from Dr. Dennis Gross available @Sephora. It’s thick, but not greasy.

Go to bed early.

Your mom was right, you really DO need your beauty rest.  Getting enough sleep helps you skin look supple, wards off breakouts, and decreases fine lines.  So get your full 8 hours of zzzz’s, no exception! Your face will thank you.


Use a Retinol based moisturizer.

Before bed, cleanse with a gentle cream cleanser.  Then, moisturize with an overnight cream with Vitamin A.  Look for over the counter products containing Retinol, or consult your dermatologist about using Retin-A, or it’s gentler counterpart Differin.

(We like this one from Dr. Dennis Gross available @Sephora.  It’s thick, but not greasy.)

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Furlesse - Smooth facial lines in a gentle, natural (no needles!) way. Furlesse patches are clear and comfortable, latex-free and hypoallergenic. Simply apply the patches while you sleep or before a big night out and a few hours later you’ll see fewer fine lines. It’s that easy.

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