Want to look fresh-faced all while still using your favorite beauty products? No problem. We’ll help you find the customized beauty regimen that’s right for you and your skin type.

Go prescription strength.

Using a prescription strength retinol or under-eye serum for dark circles or sagging skin? Go ahead, apply before you put on your favorite pack of patches and let Furlesse hold your favorite prescription product in place on your face.

Go au natural.

Are you a soap and water girl, who doesn’t like to fuss with chemicals or irritating agents on your skin! No problem! Lather up, rinse, pat and dry and then apply. Furlesse with smooth lines with or without your favorite products underneath your patches.

Nourish with vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E both nourish the skin and replenish collagen, leaving your skin with that coveted youthful glow. Consider dabbing on a little Vitamin C or E on crow’s feet- or rub a little coconut or almond oil all over your face to get that youthful, dewy glow. Then, apply Furlesse patches! Your skin will look supple, smooth, and oh-so-soft!

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