Ever looked at a young pop star and wondered how she keeps her face looking so glowing, clean, andfresh?

It may appear effortless, but it’s anything but. And, YOU could have that fresh look, too with half the effort when we let you in on our 5 freshest face yet beauty secrets.

Here goes:

  1. A good moisturizing everyday cleanser. Yes, you can go pricey with tried and true brands like Michael Perricone, and you’ll get great results, but you know our favorite? Alba’s Botanica Good and Clean Daily. It’s lusciously creamy, leaves your face feeling clean and clear every time, and the best part? It’s under $4. You’re welcome. Other favorites include (no kidding) Dove’s Cleansing Beauty bar (at just under $3/bar) and Cetaphil’s old faithful, Gentle Skin Cleanser. 
  2. A hydrating moisturizer. Our favorite is this Aveda Botanical Kinetics moisturizer. It leaves your skin feeling soft and supple, but never oily.
  3. Vitamin E. Simple, all-natural, and a miracle worker. Vitamin E smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and keeps skin feel moist and looking glowy all day long. Dab just a few drops under your eyes or on dry patches of skin for best results. If you’re prone to acne, add a drop or two of Tea Tree Oil to avoid clogged pores.
  4. Retinols. Retinols got a bad rap in the 90’s when Accutane (an acne drug related to them) was responsible for birth defects! Yikes! But, applied topically they aren’t harmful, and in fact retinols leave your skin looking younger and clear blemishes like no other.  Try Roc’s Retinol Correxion Wrinkle Night Cream. 
  5. Furlesse patches. An all-natural, no-needles way to fight fine lines and wrinkles. Furlesse patches can be applied to your under eye crows, your brow line or forehead furrows, and/or just above your lips. Furlesse patches are applied just before bed, and in the morning you’ll wake to your freshest face yet!

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