No beau this Valentine’s day? No problem!

3 Ways to Love Yourself First this Valentine’s Day:

Wear Read Lipstick.

Whether your donning jeans and a leather jacket or rocking an evening gown- there’s nothing like red lipstick to make you feel you’re on top of the world. Plus, there’s a shade of red that works on every skin type. Don’t believe us, check this out.

Plan a Girl’s Night In.

Invite your besties over for a spa night, or if you prefer to go it alone, that’s ok, too. Whatever you do, make sure your favorite rom-com is on the agenda, you’ve got chocolate and wine on hand, and changing into your PJ’s for this affair is a must.

Go on an Adventure.

You don’t need date night as an excuse to try something new. Always wanted to try a strip-tease class or a flying trapeze lesson? Why not! Sign up today and enjoy every minute of it!


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