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What people are saying

My wrinkles are gone!

I’ve been using Furlesse for about one month now and it never fails, each morning I wake up, pull off my Furlesse strip, and my wrinkles are gone! It truly works as well as it says it does. You have to try it to believe it. Surgery and chemical free…and it works ~ what more could a girl ask for!?” – Brooke T

A difference in one night

“These little strips are just what the doctor ordered! After one night, I saw a difference… Not only did they smooth out the skin and prevent me from furrowing while I wore them, but they are retraining my brow muscles by keeping them from furrowing and making me more aware when I do.”

 – J Baldwin

Buy these! You won't regret it!

I bought these because my forehead had two deep wrinkles. I'm only 25, and botox is expensive and seems extreme. I decided to try these to see if they would help keep my makeup from settling into the lines.... I sleep in it and wake up looking younger and refreshed! Will purchase again!

– Katlyn

I fell in love

“Oh my gosh, do the Furlesse!! They seriously have changed my elevens, I can’t even say enough good about them. I just fell in love and I know now I won’t live without them!!” – Natalia

Five stars

These are amazing and do not look distracting while on... – Stacenhand

I love these

I wish I could wear them all day. I wake up now without that stupid wrinkle between my eyebrows. Now I just have to frown less during the day.

N Cueva

Wake up without lines

“I usually wake up and have the tension lines on my forehead-dreamtime must not be happy for me!—and these really helped that I could put them on and sleep and wake up without them!” 


No wrinkles in the morning

These are great! They stop me from furrowing my brow when I sleep. I was worried they wouldn’t stick to my night creams but it sticks all night.  


Better than Botox!

“Amazed at how well this product really does work. I had botox several years ago on my “eleven lines” and while it was ok, I had that look of surprise on my face. These strips significantly reduce the look of those lines and the price is right.” 


Hurrah, no more needles!

“I started noticing the lines creasing on my upper lip as I was approaching 40. I have never really wanted to pursue botox, but didn’t know what I could do to smooth out those lines. Then I discovered Furlesse lip sticks. Hurrah! Now I have another option that doesn’t involve any needles. I put these on for a few hours in the morning and when I take them off, I am amazed at how smooth my upper lip looks! Great product!”

 – Colleen D

Little Miracle Strips

“I was skeptical when I bought these strips. I tried them out and “wow” I love them. They smooth out your lines and your make-up goes on so much better. I use botox and dermafiller, but these give you that extra little lift. You just have to find the perfect spot to place them. If I would have known about these little miracle strips sooner, I could have saved some big bucks…they are cheap and come plenty in a box to try different placement on your face.”

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“I love how easy Furlesse is to use. Just peel it off and stick it on. When you remove it your skin feels so smooth. I not only wear them at night, I use them through the day. I have a tendency to squint when I am at the computer so Furlesse helps me to do that less. They are transparent so from a bit of a distance you can’t tell you have them on. 

Love them!!!” –

 Ned S