Top tips for looking and feeling your best – naturally

Top tips for looking and feeling your best – naturally

Too often, beauty comes at the expense of exposing your skin to nasty chemicals or opening your wallet to pricey and/or painful dermatologist visits. I mean, what are phthalates anyways? And how risky are parabens? Rest assured, there are other options for looking and feeling your best – without caving to the pressures of possibly toxic products or invasive procedures you might not be to ready to try out. Instead, let’s take a look at some simple – yet effective – ideas to look and feel your best. In fact, these are so easy to adopt you can even start today!


1. Catch your zzz’s.

Who can’t relate to being woken up in the night by a neighborhood noise or snoring spouse? The reasons for interrupted sleep are numerous, from the stress of navigating a pandemic to having your kids wake you up late at night. The problem is that sleep is critical to both your physical and mental health. Have you ever had a terrible night of sleep? Of course – we all have! You feel groggy, short-tempered, and lack the physical energy to slog through your daily tasks. You might drop your coffee, and erupt in tears. Or you might even snap at a coworker who offers constructive criticism.

It’s not just your mental health that suffers either. A sleep deficit even shows on your face: Bags under your eyes and bloodshot eyes are hard to hide! And sleep deprivation can even cause a new crop of unsightly pimples that are reminiscent of your junior high days (ew!).

While the exact number of hours of sleep you need per night differs for each person, the National Institutes of Health recommends adults get at least 7-8 hours each night. Any less, and over time, you could be subjecting your body to chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, in addition to the unsightly skin issues and dangerous mental health problems listed above.


2. Take care of your skin. Seriously!

If scorching summers bring UV exposure, skin damage, and painful sunburns, then cold winters bring excessive dryness, which could even trigger skin conditions like eczema and dandruff. So what’s a natural skincare warrior to do to ward off these environmental enemies? Being proactive and keeping your skin moisturized year-round will help you protect against new dryness. also suggests using a humidifier in your room, using fragrance-free products, limiting hot water showers, and more if you really want to fight dryness during colder weather. When the calendar advances towards cooler weather, you can always use a richer, thicker moisturizer too. Not sure which one to use? This NY Magazine article titled, “The Best Moisturizers for Mature Skin, According to Dermatologists,” can help you narrow it down.

For summer sun, you know the drill: Sunscreen, sunscreen, and a little more sunscreen. But did you know that the American Academy of Dermatology experts recommend using sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays year-round – not just in the summer? That’s right. Slather it on your face and body before going outside, and you’ll be preventing a lot of damage – physically (skin cancer) and cosmetically (wrinkles and premature skin aging). Since the sunscreen section at your drugstore or online can be overwhelming, suggests some safe and effective sunscreens that are formulated for different types of skin. In 2020, think mineral sunscreens that are safest for you and the oceans, as well as broad-spectrum versions that fight UVA and UVB rays.

If you’re already fighting against the ghosts of sun damage past (remember the days of tanning beds and baby oil!?), add in Furlesse non-invasive, hypoallergenic adhesive patches to keep your skin smooth and wrinkle-free. These clear, shaped patches help plump up your skin with moisture to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Furlesse adhesive patches even come in a variety of shapes to fit the areas where you need them most: Laugh lines around your lips, vertical frown lines, “crow’s feet” eye lines, and horizontal forehead lines.


3. Eat healthfully.

What does healthy eating have to do with looking and feeling your best? Turns out, plenty. The foods you choose to consume – or avoid – have an impact on how your body functions. In fact, in the BBC Good Food article, “Eat Your Way To Fabulous Skin,” the author touts eating oily fish and nuts for healthy fats and fruits and vegetables for antioxidants. Since your skin loves vitamins C, E, and zinc, among others, you’ll end up with skin that glows from within – and energy for days! That’s because vitamins and minerals fuel your body physically and mentally.

On the other hand, have you ever eaten chocolate for a couple of days in a row only to break out with acne at age 43? This WebMD article author says that some foods cause skin breakouts. One theory from the article is that some foods block oil glands and lead to backups under the skin, which then feeds the bacteria that cause acne. Pretty gross, right? To avoid blocked glands under the skin, and make your body feel your best, eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean meats and proteins – and take it easy on the sweets.


Ready to be your best you?

As you integrate these simple tips into your life, remember to check out Furlesse patches too – you can wear them while you’re getting dressed, or put them on after your evening moisturizer and wake up looking refreshed. Combined with the other steps of optimal nutrition, sleep, and caring for your skin, you’ll be looking and feeling amazing in no time!


By Jill Hoelscher, contributor