Q: What are the patches made of?

A: The product is latex free, hypoallergenic, BPA free and safe for skin usage. The ingredients are polyethylene film with an acrylates copolymer adhesive.


Q: When is best to wear these patches?

A: They may be worn either at night or during the day. Nightly usage is recommended, but you may see improvement after just a few hours of use—which makes it great to wear before a big night out.


Q: What if my skin gets red when I remove the patch?

A: Wait a few minutes and any redness should disappear. If your skin still feels irritated, try using a moisturizer prior to application, waiting 2 to 3 minutes until absorbed.


Q: Why does it hurt to take the patch off?

A: Make sure you are removing the patch correctly. Take one edge of the patch and slowly peel back across itself at an 180º angle. Do not pull up or away from the skin.


Q: Can I use moisturizers or anti-aging creams?

A: Continue your current cleansing and moisturizing routine.


Q: How long does the smoothness last?

A: Lines can stay smooth throughout the morning for some people, and into the afternoon for others. Some may see overall improvement after one week.


Q: What if my skin feels sensitive all day?

A: The patches are hypoallergenic, meaning the product is nonsensitizing to most people. Try decreasing frequency or if continual irritation occurs, discontinue use.


Q: What does hypoallergenic mean?

A: Hypoallergenic means, a decreased tendency to provoke an allergic reaction. In a tiny percentage of the population an individual may still experience an allergic reaction but it is unlikely.


Other Concerns

If you are on a steroid treatment, please ask your physician before use.

If we have not answered your question, please contact info@furlesse.com.